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filmmaker : born in japan, raised in various countries.

庄子 和玖

Waku Shoji

Born on September 3rd, 1996.

Language: Japanese / English / Thai (just a little)

Waku has called several countries home, including Egypt, Japan, Thailand, and the USA. Now back in Japan, he's carving his path as a freelance filmmaker.

His knack lies in crafting unique ideas influenced by his international adventures. Waku's immense passion for diverse cultures led him to shoot his own documentary film in Thailand and Vietnam before.

In 2013, a summer program at UCLA sparked his love for filmmaking. In 2015, he relocated to New York and successfully completed his major in Film B.F.A. at State University of New York, Purchase College, graduating in 2020. After returning to Japan, he joined a production company before embracing the freelance journey in 2021. The video, under his direction in both filming and editing, secured a TikTok award among 246 submissions for the "CraftBoss Milk Tea Contest" on TikTok. Recently, the documentary he edited, titled "MIRADOR," aired on Japanese national broadcasting network called NHK.

While primarily focused on editing, Waku also takes on shooting and occasional Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) roles. He's worked his editing and/or shooting magic for a range of clients, including Toray, NHK, Nikon, Audi, Annapurna Interactive, JR, Takashimaya, and more.


For further details, check his resume.

Feel free to drop a message through the contact form.

1996年 9月3日生まれ

言語: 日本語 / 英語 / タイ語 (少々)



2013年にUCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)のサマースクールで映画制作コースを受けて以来、映画制作に興味を持ち、2015年にニューヨークへ発ち、ニューヨーク州立大学Purchase校を2020年に卒業。映画制作学部を専攻する。過去に自身が撮影と編集を担当したTikTokの動画が"CraftBOSS Milk Tea Contest"で246本の動画の中から選ばれTikTok賞を受賞した。​大学卒業後は日本に帰国し外資系プロダクション会社に入社。2021年からはフリーランスとして活動開始。主に編集を行い、撮影や時々Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)も行う。TorayやNHK、Nikon、Audi、JR、高島屋、Annapurna Interactiveなどの様々なブランドや企業の動画制作に撮影や編集などで携わった経験がある。近年、自身が編集を担当したドキュメンタリー「MIRADOR」がNHKにて放送された。 




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