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FUKUI and MIE - Experience real Japan, here in Kansai

Client : SET Japan / Kansai Tourism Bureau

​        セット株式会社 / 一般財団法人 関西観光本部

Exclusive Expeditions, KANSAI Japan - Fukui [4K]
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Exclusive Expeditions, KANSAI Japan - Mie [4K]
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PR/documentary video for west side Japan. In Fukui prefecture, the video features the legendary Japanese paper craftsman Ichibei Iwano, his precise process is beautiful and calming. In Mie prefecture, the video features the traditional performer group called Ise Daikagura, shows the balance performance and juggling performance etc and history behind this tradition.


九代目 岩野市兵衛の正確で穏やかな和紙の製作工程を彼の言葉と共に映し出し、さらに三重県では伝統ある重要無形民俗文化財の伊勢大神楽講社 山本勘太夫社中によるパフォーマンスを彼らの歴史と共に映し出している


Cinematographer (parts of it) / Editor


一部撮影 / 編集

"friendship city" Project at Odakyu Tama Center

Client : J-Plan Co., Ltd / Odakyu sc development

​    株式会社J-Plan / 小田急SCディベロップメント

“ friendship city  アートで“つながる”想い” ART MAKING MOVIE【fence&art in 小田急マルシェ多摩センター】
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Tama city in Tokyo and Fujimi city in Nagano is a friendship city each other, and artists representing each city made a mural at Odakyu Tama Center station. 





Director / Cinematographer / Editor


​監督 / 撮影 / 編集

"Omnibus Letter" Project at KITTE MARUNOUCHI

Client : J-Plan Co., Ltd / Japan Post

​ 株式会社J-Plan / 日本郵便

“omnibus letter”  ART MAKING MOVIE Vol.1【fence&art  in KITTE MARUNOUCHI】
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