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filmmaker : born in japan, raised in various countries.

ワク 1996年 日本・千葉県生まれ





WAKU      born in 1996    from Chiba, Japan


He spent more than half of his life abroad including Egypt, Thailand, and the USA. Living amongst many different cultures gives him many different perspectives and creative ideas.

He has done being assistant for a Japanese TV show, making Music Videos, Promotional videos, videos for official feature film SNS account, and many other experiences.

He is currently back in Japan.





My artist statement .








Videos have a power to move someone's heart.​

I was thinking about it since I started filmmaking back in high school, and as a professional filmmaker now, I still think so.

When we watch videos, we sometimes smile, sometimes feel happy, sometimes being impressed, surprised, or we cry. Video brings variety of emotion towards people. Through my videos, I want to help making someone's precious memory more memorable or supporting someone's important first step in their life even a little bit. This may just sounds naive thinking, but I want to make videos that can motivate people, encourage something positive, make people laugh, or cry if they want to. As a filmmaker, if my videos could be someone's hope or back up, that's an honor.

Nowadays, people watch videos everywhere such as movie, TV, advertisements, SNS, etc. That is why filmmaking is really important industry right now. What I care most when I make videos is message. I always think about it on the top of my head while making videos. What kind of message do you want to tell? What kind of feeling do you want to leave the audience after the video? I always am honored every time when clients choose WAKU out of so many other options out there, I always do my best to tell the message that my clients want to tell through the videos, and I always do my best to make videos that can leave something in audience's heart even a little bit.

Because I always believe that videos have a power to move someone's heart.​


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I'm always looking forward to various experience I can gain from anywhere anytime! Please feel free to contact me for any job opportunity, any questions you have, or if you would like to see my resume. 

If you would like to attach some files, please use some storage service system such as WeTransfer, and attach the download link.


Thank you very much for your message.

All portrait photos by Michael Yoshioka